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Other Product


VM 4 IN 1 TIMER BOX  [TB – 01]

Measurement 205 (L/D) x 390(W) x 525(H) (mm)
Weight 15Kg
Power Supply 220-240 VAC / 50Hz
Operation Able to control 4 machine in 1 time
Lock 3 Lock ( 1key lock installed + 2 pad lock Hinge
Payment System Accept Notes and Malaysia coin
Body Material Steel Plate
Surface Anti-UV Light & Water Resistant Sticker
Product Feature Equipped with Bill Acceptor & Coin Acceptor
Warranty 1 Year



Measurement 125 (L/D) x 210(W) x 270(H) (mm)
Weight 5Kg
Power Supply 220-240 VAC / 50Hz
Operation Able to control 1 device or machine in one time
Payment System Accept 6 Types of Malaysia Coin or Token Only
Body Material Steel Plate
Surface Anti UV Light & Water Resistant Sticker
Warranty 1 Year


Measurement 47 (L/D) x 36(W) x 150(H) (mm)
Weight 58Kg
Power Consumption 220 VAC / 50- 60Hz
Bill Acceptor 1 Unit L70 Bill Acceptor
Hopper 1 Unit Hopper
Token Size 23.5 – 26.5
Stored Notes 20,000
 Token Thickness 1.7 -2.1 mm
Security GSM Function
Display Double LCD Display
Alarm System Anti Shake with Alarm Function


Measurement 30 (L/D) x 19.5(W) x 16(H) (mm)
Weight 30Kg
Power Supply 220 VAC / 50Hz
Rated Input Power 12watt DC
Coin / Token Capacity 3000 pcs
Bank Note Storage Capacity + – 100 pcs
Dispense Respond Time 2 Second
Type Door Open From Back


Name: BV20 (ST 66mm)

Made In: UK Spec

Model: J-9800M

Firmware: Latest

Database: MYR 04

Interface : PL1 / MDB

Pulse High Time: 200

Pulse Low Time: 100

-Amusement machines e.g kiddie rides, video games, pool table, vending machines etc

-Low power mode

-Accepts bills in just 2 seconds

-Weight: 300 gram

-Compact dimensions : 98 X 58 X 132 mm

-Power Supply: 12VDC +/-

-Supporting all standard protocols

-Simple and advanced programming tools

-Optical anti-stringing beam

-Standard bezel design

-Quick transaction with a high acceptance rate

-Seamless note path = No jams

– Simple, Reliable, Easy to use products

-Designed for easy installation and simple maintenance

– Exceptional value


  • Capable of accepting up to 6 types of all worldwide Coins and Tokens.
  • Intelligent CPU software control, and high accuracy
  • Self-programming without PC, Automatic self-test for problems
  • Free to set up pulses output
  • Prevent not only electric shock but also electromagnetic interference.


Professional Custom Made

Minimum Order For Stocked Token (Our Ready Made Token) 2500 pcs (1 Box) = RM 1250

Minimum Order For OEM (Use Your Name Or Brand on Token ) 10,000 pcs = RM 4200

Material: Stainless Steel ( Anti- Rust & Anti- Scratch)