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Spesifikasi Mesin KVM COMBO-01

  • Stainless Steel Keypad for Product Selection
  • 5 Inch Screen to show price
  • 68 Selection type of various Product to sell
  • Spiral type of delivery product Up To 640 products load capacity
  • 7 level delivery tray with 7 columns
  • Balance Pay out function
  • Self-test system diagnostics
  • Multi-pricing columns
  • Financial report & product audit functions
  • Cfc free R134A Ga s with Compressor
  • Automatic defrosting Control
  • Serviceable from front
  • GPRS Monitoring Sale & Stock
  • High Quality Bill Acceptor Made In England
  • Drop Sensor Guaranteed Deliver or Instant Refund
  • 3 Layer of Body (Injected Polyurethane, Foam insulation, Heat Insulation)
  • Robust Machine With Durable Steel material
  • Tempered Glass Door With LED Lighting Inside
  • Can sell Various of products like Chocolate, Snacks, Chips, Packed Drink, Bottled Drink, Can Drink, Maggi Mee, Crackers Nuts, Etc..

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Spesifikasi Mesin KVM MINI COMBO-02

  • 2 Security Lock
  • Observe Window
  • Pickup window with Infrared detection
  • Installation Bracket on back
  • Payment Method : Coin / Bill Acceptor (Optional)

– 5 Selection Products

– 50 pcs Products Capacity

– 5 Level delivery tray with 10 columns each

– Can Sell various of products

– 5 spring channels for products size 27x90x100 mm

Download Spesifikasi Mesin Dalam Format PDF Disini 


Smartway Network International Sdn.Bhd was established in 2009. Since that, our humble growth and great experience till this far have brought us to be among the reliable company with trusted brand of Vending Products in Malaysia. We are proudly standing in this industry with our own brand namely “Kenshou” which bring means “Energy”.Smartway Network International Sdn Bhd has now become a leading company in Supply, Trading, Operating and Service various of Vending Product in Malaysia.

  • To be leader in “Vending Industry” who believed in Malaysia and has range of products that meet market demand.


  • Conducting Marketing and Promotional Activities Planned Beside the efficient management of the company to achieve
  • Establishing Connectivity and best collaboration for all parties include companies, partner, dealer and customer.
  • To provide quality & innovative vending product, fast service that exceed customer expectations.


Kami mencari lokasi-lokasi seperti dibawah:

  • Car Wash ,
  • Masjid, 
  • Dobi Layan Diri , 
  • Restoran  24 Jam, 
  • Hotel
  • Kilang, 
  • Universiti,
  • Hentian Bas,
  • Food court,
  • Supermarket, Mall
  • Kolej / Asrama / Sekolah

Sila Maklumkan Kepada Kami Jika Anda Mempunyai Lokasi Seperti Di Atas Dan Memerlukan Perkhidmatan Mesin Layan Diri Di Tempat Anda :

Contact : +6 010 231 7188 / 011 2345 6641

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